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#FromTheStage Series

A REAL Live Wedding Video Compilation

In these times, it has become increasingly challenging to actually SEE your favorite bands live.  We appreciate this.
So we have compiled for you a video of actual events that we have entertained.

Now you can actually crash an EAB wedding and feel the energy, excitement, engagement and expertise first hand. 

Not many bands are brave enough to showcase like this.

Truth is - in the age of filters, auto-tune, & backing tracks... most bands will only show you a polished "Music Video" version of themselves. 

While that looks spiffy, make no mistake it may be false advertisement.

Our unique "FromTheStage" perspective lets you in on how we actually look, sound and electrify an event.

This is RAW...REAL footage from Cell Phones. No trickery. 
Just real people. And REAL fun.

Just footage captured at the height of the fun from the stage and floor at our events. 

You'll wish you were there, but the good news is... you can be. 

Just Contact Us and let's chat.