Our Flagship EAB6 Show Band


EAB4 - The CoreFour

The EAB Trio (acoustic)

#FromTheStage Series

A REAL Live Wedding Video Compilation

The video below reveals the TRUE energy, excitement, engagement and expertise of an evening with The Ever After Band. 
Not many bands are brave enough to showcase like this.
In fact, in this age of filters and studio tricks, many other bands will only show you an 'auto-tuned', MTv Music Video version of themselves.  While that looks fancy, make no mistake, it is false advertisement.
But our unique "FromTheStage" perspective lets you in on how we actually look, sound and electrify an event!
Crash some of our weddings below and see how we live up to our 3 point philosophy:
Elevate. Enhance. ENTERTAIN! 
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