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"We found love right where we are" - Ed Sheeran

and we found love in what we do.

So, what do we do? Simply put, we bring families together with love (and maybe a dance-off!)

Love is a choice. You choose one another every day. This is your love story, and you choose the characters. And when you choose us, we choose you right back. We are in this together.  After all, every love story deserves its own soundtrack.

It goes without saying that great music can elevate people. But you deserve more than just great music. You deserve world-class entertainment. Quality entertainment goes beyond just the notes. It's about how it feels, how it moves, and how it brings people together. Combining world-class expertise with top tier talent creates a whole world just for you.  Where moments become memories making one evening a timeless story by bringing everyone together as one.

And once you've seen your spouse's Uncle air-guitaring in the middle of a dance circle cheering him on... you're officially family.  We take great pride in making moments like that happen.

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There are so many bands in the world, and I am grateful you have found your way to us.  Because I want to make you feel something like you've never felt before.

Our mission in The EAB is to turn your event into an EXPERIENCE by elevating you and your loved ones with a one-of-a-kind evening of world-class entertainment.

By enticing all your senses and infusing your experience with style, flawless service, deep personal connection, first class expertise, and the industry's top talent, your celebration will become more than just another night out. It will become part of your story.

Milestones like these are precious, and come but once in a lifetime.

The opportunity to help create your story is an honor, and it is with deep privilege and pleasure that I dedicate myself to these moments and to you.


Rich Genoval


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About your band leader.

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Experience the music.

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How we celebrate.

Some Words From Our Clients....

...we love you, too.

The Ever After Band - Molly Pitcher Inn

Best band ever.  We were completely blown away!  It’s tough to put into words how AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, and talented this band is. We are still speechless and blown away.  They truly made our wedding dreams come true, and we are forever thankful we were lucky enough to have them.

- Dina P.

Where to even start?  The EAB is amazing!  They get a true sense of your taste, and read the crowd all night. The result was AWESOME.  The dance floor was packed, and the night ended with chants of an Encore!  For days after my wedding, I received so many texts about how great this band was. 

- Megan F.

10-1-21 EAB Avenue - Maritza Happy.jpg

As a fan of Rich’s for years, once I found out he lead a band, I was certain if I ever got married, he would entertain my wedding day.  And here we are. I honestly lost count as to how many people came up to me to compliment our band.  I knew what I was getting with Rich, but I am SO happy my guests were also able to experience this wonderful band, and the amazing talent that comes with it.  Thank you for making my special night one I will never forget.

- Martiza M.


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