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"We found love right where we are" - Ed Sheeran

And we found love in what we do.

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From the elegant whispers of a string quartet to the magnetic energy of a party band, music makes the mood go around. When the mood is right, memories are made.  Your entertainment is a catalyst for fond memories, and we understand that quality entertainment elevates everything.

We understand the power of music.  And we have created a team of the most talented, skilled, experienced, and passionate musicians in the world so you can continue making memories to be talked about forever.

Your event is uniquely 'you' and we strive to reflect the best of your personality.  The Ever After Band provides much more than great music, we provide an experience.

The EAB is a luxury event band lead by Rich Genoval.
We focus on our clients' unique personalities, styles, tastes and love of music to make your most emotional moments that much more memorable.


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"I want to dance with somebody, somebody who loves me"
- Whitney Houston

We'll make sure you do.

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You have worked hard to plan your event, and we know how important it is for you that your guests have the time of their lives.  You want to see people dancing the night away, and having them talk about your event for years to come. 

It takes a special combination of ingredients to make that happen. 
Talent. Expertise. And passion.  Each of these on their own is simply not enough, and sadly, most bands only tend to offer 1 or 2 of these.

But when all 3 are combined, a musical experience you'll never forget is created.  This is The EAB Standard. 

Throughout his years of being featured globally on world stages such as Madison Square Garden, The Prudential Center, MTv, E! Networks and more... Rich has hand-sourced only the TOP talent from the world's TOP productions.

From Grammy performances with Alicia Keys, to touring with John Legend, to International Television for 30 million viewers, to the legendary Frank Sinatra Orchestra, to the Broadway stage and beyond, each member of The Ever After Band brings with them years of world-class talent and expertise to your event.

Most recently, Rich's one-of-a-kind versatility has amassed over 20M views on TikTok garnering attention from TV Shows, Producers and Clients internationally.

This is the kind of team that can really make a party special.

Speaking of our team... let's get to know each other!

Some Words From Our Clients....

...we love you, too.

The Ever After Band - Molly Pitcher Inn

Best band ever.  We were completely blown away!  It’s tough to put into words how AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, and talented this band is. We are still speechless and blown away.  They truly made our wedding dreams come true, and we are forever thankful we were lucky enough to have them.

- Dina P.

Where to even start?  The EAB is amazing!  They get a true sense of your taste, and read the crowd all night. The result was AWESOME.  The dance floor was packed, and the night ended with chants of an Encore!  For days after my wedding, I received so many texts about how great this band was. 

- Megan F.

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As a fan of Rich’s for years, once I found out he lead a band, I was certain if I ever got married, he would entertain my wedding day.  And here we are. I honestly lost count as to how many people came up to me to compliment our band.  I knew what I was getting with Rich, but I am SO happy my guests were also able to experience this wonderful band, and the amazing talent that comes with it.  Thank you for making my special night one I will never forget.

- Martiza M.


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